If you are interested in having your swimming technique videoed and analyzed then please take a look at the Swim Clinic , where there is an option to enjoy the swim clinic and then for an additional £45 have your stroke videoed and a DVD analysis post clinic.

If you are not in easy reach of London and you are able to share some existing footage we can carry out a remote swim analysis for you (provided it is possible to download the footage from a suitable file sharing source).

The Swim Analysis
Using the video footage (which can be above and/or below water) we review the swim technique and break down the key issues, making some suggestions as to the corrective drills that are relevant.

Whilst it is obvious to the un-trained eye that a swimmer is displaying a certain issue (for example inconsistent timing and rhythm) it is more difficult to identify the route cause of the fault (in the example this may be reliance on the stroke arm for balance on breathing - leading to grabbing the water each time a breath is taken).

The swim analysis report will use still images of key sequences to highlight the issue being explained.

Swim Analysis Ordering and Costs
If you are coming on the Swim Clinic then we will be able to video you and the cost will be £45 for the DVD Analysis.

If you are away from London or unable to come along on our swim clinic then you will need to contact us to ensure we can access some suitable swim footage. The cost of a remote analysis is £45 which includes the DVD with a full technical commentary.

Just email us via the contact form for full details

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